Dietary Cholestrol And LOL

Yeah, I am @#$%ing blogging about &*(ing dieting, so I thought I’d talk about dietary cholestrol just for lolz. Not many hard-pressed dieters know that there is no proven link between dietary cholestrol and blood cholestrol. By way of proof, here’s a quote by @#$%ing Albert Einstein.

I don’t know what the @#$% these people are talking about. I mean I’m @#%$ing dead. Give me a break!

– Albert Einstein


Alright, alright. Actually it was a quote by Abe Lincoln:




“Three score and ten steaks ago, I did not need statins and I’m still dead, so @#$% you.”

– Abe Lincoln

Hello is Hell with an O

This is my first post. I’m saying Hi, I’m saying Hello, but Hello is Hell with an O, cos I’m also saying that I’m on diet and I … I … I don’t like it.

Just saying, just saying.

I mean I’m on diet and I’ve just had a @#$%ing devil’s food cake. I’m talking, almost a whole @#$%ing devil’s food cake.

Ok, more than half of the whole cake, if you wanna get pissy about it and bring the @#$%ing measuring devices, I mean torture devices.

That devil’s food cake was straight from hell. I’m on a diet here, ok?

But I’ve gotta tell ya, it was delicious. Just slightly, slightly moist, flavorsome, great texture.

Excuse me, I’m going back to have the @#$%ing  rest of the cake.